Making real fruit ice cream with our Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine is an easy process. Add ice cream or frozen yogurt, blend with frozen fruit into a healthy and delicious frozen treat your customers will love. No need to add any extra sugar or artificial flavors. You only need vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt and a natural flavor burst of real fruit or berries. The growth in the popularity of real fruit ice cream popularity is huge. Parents who are looking for a healthy treat for  their kids will also love your offerings.

People who are aware of calories will find a frozen yogurt option that is low in fat very attractive. Our Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine is less expensive, more reliable and mixes frozen berries and fruit without a lot of effort, just a few seconds blending makes a smooth, healthy, delicious, fresh tasting ice cream, making your customers happy and ensuring they will come back time and time again. 

There are plenty of options for your Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine:

  • Simple - use vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • Healthy - use frozen fruit like strawberry, blueberry, boysenberry, kiwifruit etc.
  • Exotic - you can also use exotic fruit like mango or pineapple
  • Be creative - add in nuts, cookies, chocolate, hokey pokey… there is no limit